Traction Impact Underlay

Specification (Typical Values)

Surface(s) Textron Stitched Paper

Core Rubber Sponge +5% -0%

Thickness 6.75mm ±5%

Roll Weight 39 Kg -5%+10%

Roll Size 8.24m x 1.33m = 10.96m2 Width ±2cm

Length +15cm

BS5808 1991 (2005) Standards for Carpet Underlay

Loss in Thickness after Static Loading BS4939 <5%

Loss in Thickness after Dynamic Loading BS4052 <5%

Work of Compression After Dynamic Loading BS4098 >120 J/m2

Retention of Work of Compression BS4098 >80%

Flammability – Hot Metal Nut Test BS4749 Low Radius of Effects

End Use Classification BS5808 HC/U Heavy Contract Use

Floorwise Reference: F9C4/1/Sept 2013

Thermal Resistance BS4745 0.79 Togs

Impact Sound Improvement ISO 140-8 Δ LW 31 dB